Chair of Events Committee, Cornell Alumni Association of Northern California

Posted by Cornell Alumni Association of Northern California on 08/24/2016
Submitted by Stephanie Watt

General Information

Nomination start - 05/18/2017
Nomination end - 05/31/2017
Process for Filling Position: Submission of a nomination
Number of Seats: 1
Location: San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
Eligible Constituent(s): Alumni

Summary of Position

The Chair of Events Committee is responsible for leading the events committee in generating and executing concepts for alumni events. The Chair takes a leadership role in mentoring volunteers to implement events and also recruits and trains new volunteers as needed.

Cornell Interests:


Regional Clubs

Talent Expectations: Skills


Write and/or Edit
Speak to Groups
Oversee Events Committee activities and annual calendar. Coordinate and run monthly Event Committee meetings. Coordinate with Social Media Director to promote event postings and feature events in newsletter. Communicate important event updates at Board meetings as necessary. Manage events onsite, interacting with alumni and leading volunteers.


Organize, Plan and/or Host Events
Lead a Group
Manage Projects
Serve on a Committee or Board
Work with the Directors of events to plan and promote events according to established procedures. Plan events calendar at least 2 months in advance while keeping in mind potential conflicts with other Cornell associated events.

Build/Maintain Relationships

Engage Individuals
Represent Cornell
Chairs of Events are the engine of Cornell NorCal. Chairs of Events represent both us and the University. Chairs of Events are expected to carry themselves in a professional manner. Chairs of Events may train volunteers and recruit new members when possible.


Services: Business

Responsible Contact

Contact Name:
Nancy Abrams Dreier
Volunteer Position Title:
Director, West Coast Engagement and Cornell Silicon Valley

Time Commitment

Average Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs/week
Duration: Not Applicable
Term of Office: 1 year
Number of terms in Office: 1 term


Prerequisites Attention to detail, Ability to motivate and generate enthusiasm in others, Strong planning, organization, and follow-through skills, Proactive, Communication, Creative thinker.

Hiatus Required? No hiatus required
Dues Required? Yes


Meeting Attendance Required? Yes

Meeting Location(s):
On Campus: No
Off Campus: Yes
Off Campus Location: Usually in SF
Conference Call: Yes
Meetings per year: Monthly

Other Meeting Details: Monthly meetings are mandatory. Attendance either in person or electronically.

Additional Attendance Requirements: Club affinity outreach chairs are invited to attend CALC and are encouraged to attend any other additional training opportunities available to them. Attend Annual members meeting.

Yearly Philanthropic Expectation:

Make a gift to Cornell at a level of individual comfort

Alumni Trustee Election

Vote in the annual trustee election